Musings on the Mass Music for the 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time

Happy Autumn! I hope you have been enjoying the magnificent beauty of the trees this year. How gorgeous are the colors! I love the varieties and shades of the many colors of autumn. As I was reflecting on the Gospel reading this week, it reminded me of our beautiful trees. This week’s Gospel is the familiar parable of the Talents. In the parable, each one is given a different amount and then judged on how they use those talents. We will all use our talents differently at different times…some periods of our life, we excel and at other times, we just may not shine quite as brightly. That’s what I saw when reflecting on our trees. Some are magnificent, some are ok, but all of them add to the beauty of God. Clearly this is not a scholarly description of the parable. There is so much more to it than this. I encourage you to read it several times for yourself. The other readings this weekend refer to the celebration of Godly women and from Paul that Christians are children of light.

A former student has been posing a thought/question each day to help us be mindful of our blessings leading to Thanksgiving. One this week asked for something we have learned. When I considered it, this was my answer. I have learned that I control everything, and yet truly I control nothing. I work hard to anticipate problems so I can solve them quickly and easily – and yet I cannot ever anticipate everything. Still this helps me to be prepared for my work and activities and allows people to trust me to do the job. I do my best to control my intentions. I intend to have a loving environment for my family; I intend to be a good friend. I intend to do my best to live God’s instructions for us. Most of the time I do these things; sometimes I fall short. So, what I’ve really learned is I cannot control anything, but I can intend to control my reaction (and sometimes even that is a struggle). We are not perfect, but our intentions are important. When we are trying to be that child of light, we add beauty to God’s world – just like our trees.

For the music this weekend, we are opening with the same song that closed our celebration last week – Lord of All Hopefulness. Truly our hope is in God. The responsorial psalm is “Blessed are those who fear the Lord”. For the setting of the table we will sing/hear “I want to walk as a child of the light – I want to follow Jesus….in him there is no darkness at all; the night and the day are both alike. The Lamb is the light of the city of God. Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus”. Most of the readings leading up to the end of the liturgical year discuss the end of times. Our final song this weekend is River of Glory. This is a reminder of our baptism that prepares us to cross over to heaven at the end of our time. Since we haven’t been able to sing it at the baptisms since Covid restrictions were made, I thought it important that we sing it this week.

I hope you will enjoy listening to and/or singing along with these recordings. Keep singing at home or in the shower or in the car. It is healthy for you!!

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